We offer a bespoke service

To fully manage every element of your beautiful home

Luxury Home Management

Our home management services are available on an hourly rate or a monthly retaining fee depending on your requirements and what would suit you and your family best.

Luxury Home Styling

Our home styling service is designed around your requirements and we can literally reinvent your home with our flair and personal touch. We specialize in styling homes to look elegant and luxurious that will compliment you and your lifestyle.

Luxury Home Staffing

We will discretely staff your home with some of the best professionals in the industry. We will vet every applicant who applies to us and only the best candidates will be selected for consideration pertaining to our clients brief.

Get In Contact

Luxury Home Management is based in London with offices in both Mayfair and South West London. We represent clients who want the best from life, who want professional service with excellent results. Our fees are very competitive and full details of our policies and terms of business are available upon request. They will also be provided as standard issue before any work begins.