Hours of Work

During Covid | Monday-Friday | 10am – 6pm

The family enjoy cooking for themselves at weekends but will require prepared ingredients to enable them to do so, some pre-weekend preparation may be requested.

Post Covid/Normal Days/Hours | Monday-Friday | 7am -7pm

With a break in the afternoon, must be flexible and willing to work a weekend when there are guests and also some evenings if there are dinner parties or guests.

 Position Overview

  • Duties will include Breakfast, lunch, preparing an evening meal and supporting the day-to-day running of the kitchen (including sourcing and purchasing kitchen supplies and equipment).
  • Chef will also be responsible for liaising with suppliers and taking care of grocery shopping.
  • Chef will be primarily cooking for the family, along with serving food and beverages throughout the day.
  • Chef will also oversee planning, preparing and cooking menus for parties and events – so will be required to accurately estimate quantities of ingredients required, based on the number of guests.

Candidates must have a very good understanding of Nutrition and what Healthy living entails. We are looking for someone who is passionate about food and the ingredients used, while showing they are capable of catering for various dietary requirements (including food intolerances and working with health restrictions) while showing they can embrace the restrictions while still being creative. Candidates must be able to cater to step up to the plate, and cook to a dinner party standard when required, but be happy cooking simple home-styled but healthy family favorites.

Candidates must have high standards in themselves, and be highly flexible in their approach, showing they can deal with change at short notice.

The family are very down to earth, and they are nurturing a relaxed home and work environment so there is no room for ego.

We are looking for someone with a passion for healthy living.

Experience working in a private household, working for high net worth individuals or running their own restaurant is advantageous but not essential.

We would like someone with a strong work ethic, and whose CV shows longevity and loyalty to previous roles and employers.

This role is live out and the candidate must be able to commute easily to Oxfordshire. When working at other locations, accommodation will be provided.

Top salary negotiable.

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